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Homemade Hand Sanitiser - DIY!   Proper and frequent hand washing is the very best way to prevent the spread of illness.   When a sink isn't nearby, I use this homemade hand sanitiser. But it's important to say that nothing will take the place of good hygiene practices in the first place!   This homemade hand sanitiser will leave you hands feeling clean and fresh plus the aroma in these oils will soothe your soul!     Ingredients 50ml glass amber spray bottle 5 drops vitamin E oil (optional, this makes for soft hands!) 3 tablespoons witch hazel with aloe vera,...

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Digestion and a Healthy Gut It’s hardly new news that the gastrointestinal tract is important to human health.   In this Blog, we will explore exactly how vital good gut health is for you!   It transports food from the mouth to the stomach, converts it into nutrients that are absorbed and stored energy, and sends waste back out of the body. If you don’t properly nourish yourself, you don’t live or you live poorly. It’s that simple!   But in recent years, scientists have discovered that the gastrointestinal system has an even bigger, more complex job than previously appreciated. It’s been...

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Essential Oils for boosting your energy, mood, motivation and focus! Energy, focus, clarity and motivation!Essential Oils for boosting your energy, mood, motivation and focus! We ALL want these things! But how do we get them? First of all, if you are concerned please seek medical attention in the first instance. It is better to be sure before you 'assume' anything about your state of health. Always seek a medical opinion first! There are many ways to gain more energy - eating well and at the right times, getting enough sleep, enough water consumption and stressing less. We all know these...

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Natural Remedy tips for keeping your weight down this Christmas Season! The main thing I get asked about when it comes to over indulging at Christmas time is weight gain!   How do you enjoy the festive season and all that it brings without going over board? It can be tricky to balance!   I myself find it incredibly hard not too woof everything down I see! Christmas Day is one thing, but it's also the social events leading up to it. Then come New Years Eve's like it will never end!   Being realistic, you won't be able...

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The best Essential Oils for your teen! The teen years can be some of the hardest times in a child’s life. A changing body and growing responsibilities from school, peers, friends, and relationships can put a lot of pressure on teens. I certainly did not enjoy my teenage years! I was covered in terrible acne, had terrible mood swings and was so confused about the world. Not to mention trying to find your place in society and where you fit in. But for all that is hard about it, it's still a great time of life and one where you...

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