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Homemade Hand Sanitiser - DIY!

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Homemade Hand Sanitiser - DIY!

Homemade Hand Sanitiser - DIY!


Proper and frequent hand washing is the very best way to prevent the spread of illness.


When a sink isn't nearby, I use this homemade hand sanitiser. But it's important to say that nothing will take the place of good hygiene practices in the first place!


This homemade hand sanitiser will leave you hands feeling clean and fresh plus the aroma in these oils will soothe your soul!






  1. In the spray bottle, combine the vitamin E oil, witch hazel, vodka or grain alcohol, and Essential Oils. Place the sprayer on tightly and shake well for 15-20 seconds to combine.
  2. Open the bottle, and fill to the top with water. Replace sprayer, and shake again for 15-20 seconds. Done!
  3. To use, shake the bottle vigorously to disperse the Essential Oils, then spray liberally on your hands whenever you feel like they need a bit of a deep clean. Rub hands together until dry. This is not a substitute for proper hand-washing, so make sure to wash your hands well at the next opportunity.


CORONAVIRUS DISCLAIMER: This hand sanitiser is not a substitute for proper hand washing. And while this home remedy contains commonly-accepted natural antiviral ingredients, it has never been tested in a lab to determine it's efficacy against viruses such as the coronavirus - Covid-19 virus.


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