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How to start your own doTERRA business from anywhere in the world!

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How to start your own doTERRA business from anywhere in the world!

How to start your own doTERRA Essential Oil business

doTERRA Business Opportunity


Is your inner voice telling you that there is something more than you need to be doing?


    My name is Melissa Mitchell, and I have an empowering and inspirational team with doTERRA, an aromatherapy supplies website and online coaching business.


    Over the years I tried many different business ideas and network marketing businesses. You name it, I tried it. But something was always missing. Something wasn't 'quite' right. It was THE PASSION. 


    Passion is what makes you get out of bed in the morning. Passion is what drives you to build your business even when your head is saying no. Passion is what TRULY drives you even when you feel like giving up.


    You see the secret in finding YOUR passion is to fail. Sounds crazy hey? But when you try something, and you realise it's not for you, that's a lesson. Not a failure. And it brings you closer to your life purpose.


    Find your PASSION, and you have your business. SIMPLE.


    I guarantee you that if you truly love something, it will drive you to do great things. It will be the last thing you think of at night and the first thing you think of when your eyes open in the morning. 


    You can be good at something, but if you are not passionate about it, you won't fulfil it. When you find your passion your life will change, mine did.


    This is where I am meant to be. Empowering others, nurturing others, inspiring others. Helping YOU grow the life you DESERVE.


    And I want to help YOU achieve the same.


    I have personally been using Essential Oils for many years. Over 20 years infact!


    I started using them for their emotional benefits. Then as the years progressed and the quality of oils become superior. I started using them for much more.


    There was a point in my life after having my second child that things were not going well for me. I suffered postnatal depression and had a mental breakdown, and I wanted some natural remedies for the anxiety I was experiencing. I was admitted to the hospital, then my journey began from there. And the greatest triumph came out of the darkest place.

     doTERRA Business Opportunity

     Watch my YouTube clip on this opportunity! Click HERE!

    I saw a wonderful GP and Psychologist who taught me some wonderful coping skills. This was centred around meditation, mindfulness and understanding how my body and brain was functioning in regards to my view and perception of the world around me.


    I coupled these techniques with my doTERRA Essential Oils, and my world CHANGED for the better.


    I searched for a high-quality product - the best Essential Oils that I could get in Australia. And doTERRA came up.


    And that is how I chose to align myself with these beautiful products.


    Everyone has a different story, but no matter what YOUR story is, it is unique, and only yours. So feel proud and share it!


    That is the BEST way to start your doTERRA business. To use them for yourself then tell your story.


    I would LOVE to welcome you into our tribe and to nurture you on your own special journey - be it for personal use only or to build a business with.


    One of the most popular ways to get started is with our doTERRA Home Essentials Kit. But there are many more options too!


    If you are in a different country PLEASE still connect as our Tribe is global! We would LOVE to welcome you! 


    Connect with me via any of the links below, and let's get you started on YOUR very own journey!

    Or feel free to message me and book a call in from anywhere in the world!

     | doTERRA |

     Or to get started, click here - select your country, fill in the details and select your kit. I will then personally get in touch with you to help you on your way!


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    Love, Melissa, Health & Wealth X




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      Hello! I was hoping to join up to doterra so i can buy some oils

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